My name is Marian, I'm from Guatemala. Bands and Books ruined my life.
☆CJGWP☆Arctic Monkeys☆The Beatles☆Lana del Rey☆ The Killers☆Classic Rock☆John Green☆Harry Potter☆The Hunger Games☆ Alexa Chung☆
Anonymous asked: Hey, do you think you could please tag eating disorder type stuff? Just "ed" would suffice. Thanks in advance :)


Sorry darling if im triggering you! Im really sorry, I always tag (or try to tag my ed posts with that tag sorry if im not doing it rn) 

defyingmyowndreams asked: To everyone there who is insulting my dearly caterpillar princess... Aren't you the one who wants some attention? (Even tough you're on anonymous, doesn't that mean that you're just making a "big entrance"?)


"My dearly caterpillar princess" I love you so much nee-san.. 

I’m seriously done this time… my vision is blurry my head hurts and I haven’t eat in 2 days, I stole some blades from office depot today and my arm is a mess. I feel like im going to faint in any moment, im talking with my boyfriend… he doesn’t know and I don’t wanna tell him because he would call my mother.

Anonymous asked: then go and kill yourself, do it.. oh you can't because you're doing this because you are a HUGE ATTENTION WHORE.


you wanna bet?

Anonymous asked: FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT are you happy now?


fuck you, i’ll never be happy.

Anonymous asked: You just want to be told you're thin.


No i just wanna die

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